Lucky Lucus


Our lovely Lucas really has fallen on his paws, he has found his forever home in Scotland. Lucas had an uneventful journey to his new home, and will soon be introduced to the other doggy friend that he will live with. Seen here sporting a nice new coat whilst he accilmatises himself to the very different weather in Scotland. Best wishes from all at Live Paws Lucas.










Thankfully now safe

This unkempt podenco was left to live outside in poor conditions. She has given birth to 10 puppies, she is thin and undernourished. Arico were desperate to find her after a call alerting them to this dogs plight. They were told she was in a field in la escalona. As the weather forecast for today is set for storms , Arico were desperate to get her to safety. She is now at the refuge with her babies. Exhausted, but safe, warm and fed.  Thank you to all our supporters without your financial help we would not be able to help poor animals like this Mummy.











Three cheers for Elvis

Our wonderful friend Elvis has raised an incredible 20,000€ so far and we thought you might like to know where we have spent this fabulous amount. There are so many sick, abandoned and vulnerable animals in Tenerife and we are so grateful to Elvis and his fundraising because it has made a real difference to how many we have been able to help.









Vicki gets her chance

Our lovely Vicki has well and truly landed on her paws. She has been placed in long term foster care where she has lots of love and attention. Plus another 14 doggie friends . What a happy ending to a terrible start for Vicki.








Paying it forward.

What a star!!!! Paying it forward
Live Arico Rescue Dog Bonnie / Chica is now a rescuer.

Bonnie was abandoned in San Eugenio in 2013, was taken by Live Arico, was adopted by Isabelle Callcut and moved to England and is now called Chica.

This week her owner was calling her to come back and, unlike Chica, she refused and did not move from her place.

Isabelle went to investigate her strange behavior and, on the other side of a wall, an old woman had fallen, could not get up and shouted for help, only Chica could hear her.
Fortunately, the help was given and the lady is now well. Well done girl